Rachael Ray’s Dog Isaboo – Death by Pampering


Just wanted to write a little post about Rachael Ray’s dog Isaboo. It was brought to my attention that the beloved pit bull of Rachael Ray has gotten into some trouble by grabbing and ripping an ear partially off of another dog that was passing by during a New York City stroll. 

There has been talk/rumors of euthanasia because of the fear of another incident against a dog or even possibly a person or child. 

Don’t have much time to write tonight so I’ll try to make my points on the issue quick.  I will like to use this blog for others to learn by understanding the difficulties some dogs face and the common mistakes often made by owners. 

Keep in mind, I do not know Rachael Ray, have never seen her show (I heard it is a great show but I’m so out of the loop I didn’t even know it was super bowl Sunday or who was playing), or heard of her dog until someone brought this to my attention. 

Five minutes of googling and this is what I can tell you: 

I saw an old video of the sweety pie pit bull.  A beautiful dog – almost a clone of one of the best dog’s my family ever owned.  I read she was well socialized and very loved. 

Here comes the tragedy….  Only took a minute of searching to read the abundant postings of Isaboo’s pampering.  Photos of her on furniture, stories of her endless supplies of toys, and stories of her noble status within the household. 

You may ask… What is so wrong with that?  Sounds like she had a great life, the kind that all dogs deserve.  You see, there are real no standards in this country or the world for that matter as what is the right way and wrong way to raise a dog.  This was not an abused dog and what I’m hoping people will learn from this post is that most of the aggression problems we see in dogs are not NOT from abused dogs, but actually the opposite. 

Going on 12 years of consulting owners with aggressive dogs I have noticed very obvious trends in what brings out the worst in our best friends.  No one ever does it on purpose, but the culprit is almost always no structure and overly pampering dogs. 

In a nutshell we must remember that humans have domesticated these beasts for thousands of years to follow our lead.  Within just a few decades society has decided to humanize them instead of appreciating our differences.  Dogs treated like humans will generally be left without a leader to follow and will be lost in a human world and set up for failure. 

You can take two clones of the same dog and raise them two different ways (neither abusive).  One can turn out to be the best dog you ever had, and the other can turn out to be a nightmare and heartbreak.   Both dogs can be raised with affection, toys, a comfortable bed, nutritious food, and plenty of exercise.  But, STILL one of these clones will end up a nightmare and the other the greatest dog ever.  Why, why, WHY?!

I don’t have time tonight to go completely into it, but I promise I will by next post.  In the mean time feel free to discuss in the comments.  My heart really goes out to this dog – she should not be to blame for this , just as Rachael is not to blame either.  We live in a world where there are no regulations for dog training.  The old saying goes, “the only thing two dog trainers agree upon is what the third is doing wrong”…

When you look at the shelter situation here and consider the majority of “certified” trainers got that way from taking a 250 question multiple choice test from a private organization – and there are countless others with not even that – with “dog trainer” signs hung on their doors doing who knows what behind it, it is safe to say the time has come for some big changes… for  our dogs’ sake… if we feel they deserve it……

Here’s a couple a videos. One of Isaboo I found, and the other from me and Earl inviting Isaboo for some classes just in case it is true what we hear.  We’ll keep it confidential of course!!

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  1. rennie kuchler

    I would love to have you train my German Shepard.. Her name is Bella and is very smart she is about 16 months old. She does her commands fast and easy, she loves playing ball (all day if I would allow) but I would like her also trained for protection too.. Please email me back and let me know if you have a place for her or if you could refer me to someone youy know ?? I live in Durango Co. but I do travel and I go to Tx often my family lives there we are being transfered to Indonesia soon.. My husband is in Indonesia already! Thanks for your time .. Rennie Kuchler

  2. ruk

    i dont realy understand what happened her dog ripped of the ear of another dog where the dogs fighting ?

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