How to Clean a Dog’s Ears – the Stress Free Way!

Cleaning a dog’s ears does not have to be a stressful experience for you or your dog. Earl and I threw together this video to give you a crash course in the pertinent anatomy of the dog’s ear and a technique that maximizes the comfort and effectiveness of cleaning those fuzzy ears that we all love!
Keep in mind that this instructional video is for cleaning waxy and/or dirty ears. It is not instruction on how to treat infected ears. If your dog’s ears are red, extra smelly, painful, or otherwise just don’t look right – be sure to call your Veterinarian.
I hope you enjoy the video! If you have any further tips or feedback be sure to write in the comments box.

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  1. Olesya

    you guys are great! I really like your idea of a wet cotton ball for ear cleaning.
    One note- when you say “we are the dog training guys”.. it really sounds like you are some used carpet dealers. Skipping that part may make you sound more like the professionals that you are :). Just an idea.

  2. Thanks for the compliment and advice. I think you are right about about the “we are the dog training guys” thing. For now on when we want to come off as more professional I will wear the dog outfit!

    Thanks again!

  3. Timothy Hunt

    screw the comment about the ‘it really sounds like you are some used carpet dealers’…your presentations are personable and fun…a lot of good ideas and techniques that only come from experience.
    Birmingham, AL

    My 4 month old basset wants to nip at my knee caps (as I walk…he is always underfoot)….I assume for attention, or to say hey ‘let’s play’ …and when he plays he wants to lightly mouth your hands…I am trying a light shake by the nape of his neck for correction…any other suggestions…

  4. fuseini farouk

    you guys are good at what you do so dont change on my account,anyway i am a security doghandler in accra ghana west africa and i wish you all the best?

  5. saman fernando

    you two are wonderful people; giving lots of infos. Thank you gays

  6. jayne.

    Very helpful video! Thank you so much!

  7. I watched this video last year, and dropped by to say thank you. My newly adopted dog had a deep ear infection, so once it cleared up, it was crucial I took care of them ongoing. I’d never learned to properly clean a dog’s ears like this, and it really works. His infections are usually deep within the canal, where a normal cotton ball can’t reach. My vet agreed with your technique, and Super Ty the Rock Star has been infection free since! Thanks, guys.

  8. Linda Wilson

    You were more informative than my vet. Great job and keep up the good work. LL

  9. Unknow ~

    When I Get A Wet Cotton, My Dog Look Like trying to eat it`

  10. kathy bruce

    I have a standard poodle, I did just what you showed and it worked. He now likes the ear cleaning. THANKS!! Is it possible for a 5 yr old dog to be trained for protection?

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