Cherry Eye Treatment – Home Remedy For Dogs

So I wake up one morning and to my surprise my own little rescue puppy from the South, “Dixie”, is greeting me with the signature pink bulging bump from the corner of her eye known as cherry eye.

So what is cherry eye anyway?  Technically, it refers to the prolapse of the nictitating membrane of the third eyelid.  This gland is responsible for about 30% of the dog’s tear production.

Cherry eye is known to be more common in certain breeds and certainly seems to be at least a partially hereditary condition.  It is claimed that the prolapse occurs because of weaker connective tissue around the gland.

Left untreated, cherry eye can cause chronic irritation of the eye and remain as an unsightly red bulge in the corner of the eye.

The usual treatment is surgery, which I have assisted with a handful of times while I worked as a veterinary technician.  Success rate and cost of surgery will vary depending on the veterinarian performing the procedure.

When confronted with the issue myself, I thought if it popped out it must be able to pop back in, and after a little research it seems that others have also managed to massage their dogs’ cherry eyes back into place.  Most recommend using some kind of an eye lubricant.  Since I caught my dog’s cherry eye early and her gland and eye was still very moist – I did the technique without lubricant thinking that the lubricant might also make it pop back out easier.  So, if I was able to get it back in easy without the foreign lubricant I did, since the tears of the eye does act as a natural lubricant.

Researching that the best known reason as to why cherry eye occurs is because of weakened connective tissue around the gland, I immediately placed Dixie on a supplement, Agility, which is designed to support the connective tissue of JOINTS – which I figured couldn’t hurt in supporting any of the body’s connective tissue.  It is important to note that no company, to my knowledge, that manufacturers joint supplements has done any research or makes any claims about the effectiveness  of these supplements on the connective tissue associated with the eyes and other non-joints.

The result: Within 4 days I had to massage the cherry eye back in 3 times.  I also massaged for a few days afterwards just to seal the deal.  I maintained her on the joint supplement and 7 weeks later still no sign of cherry eye.  Her eyes look good as new!  You can see the video below of the last time I massaged in the cherry eye.  Remember I am not a veterinarian and there are risks to doing this yourself, including damaging the cartilage around the eye.  Consider this post an alternative and something best discussed with your veterinarian.  I would be interested in any feedback from others who have had success with a similar plan.

132 thoughts on “Cherry Eye Treatment – Home Remedy For Dogs

  1. Leala

    I just wanted to thank you for the helpful tip and video. I woke up this morning to find my English bulldog had a developing cherry eye. I was thinking it may have had something to do with the dust in the backyard, lol. I placed eye lubricant drops in her eyes to make sure there was no dirt particle and then I found your post. I massaged her eye as shown in the video for about 60 second and when she opened it the cherry eye had receded. I now will try to find the suppliment you spoke of and get her on it. I will also do my best to prevent the cherry eye from ever getting to the point of needing surgery as it is risky to put a bulldog under. Thank you so much.

  2. Richmond

    Im so worried about the cherry eye prob of my french bulldog for about 2 days already, quickly searched for an alternative before considering a surgery and boom I got this video! Cherry eye is now gone ! Ive done it 3x and thankfully on the last try, I got it right. It just took me for about a minute. Thank you so much for this video!! It saved me some thousand bucks!

    – Richmond from the Philippines

  3. Joe

    Thanks for the video, man! I’ve massaged it in 3 or 4 times now, but it keeps popping right back out. I’ll keep trying, though. This is great!

  4. glenn

    thank you so much for your help . my cross pug dopg had cherry eye i took it to the vet cost me 77 dollars she fixed it with a pair of tweezers she said it may not stay in . that night it popped out again . so thats when i found your video clip i put some eye cream vet gave me for dog closed the dogs eye and massaged as you said i couldnt believe it wen the cherry eye poed in he is still ok and that was three days ago

  5. Jen

    Thank you so much for making this video. I just came back from the vet with my
    cockapoo and was told she had cherry eye. I looked it up and found your video.
    I tried this on my dog and the eye lid when back in. Thank you for letting others
    know what to do,.

  6. Jennifer

    My 6 year old boston had a cherry eye pop out this morning, I found your video and it was back in within minutes. Thank you SO much!

  7. KerrygoldGreat

    Wow, my French Bulldog, Bertie, has had this ‘cherry eye ‘ problem since he was nine weeks old, we took him to the vet & they gave him some drops which initially worked, he’ s now sixteen weeks & it’s begun to happen much more frequently.

    When he woke up this morning it had popped again so in despair I looked online for remedies & found your video, within a few minutes of gentle massage (which he loved!!!) it had disappeared.


  8. marielynn

    thank for that awesome video my shih tzu had a cherry eyes they told me it was a growing hair and that is why it was like that give me eye drop but was not working so i look on the internet and found your video and it was the exact same thing like my dog so i did it and it is gone thank you soooo much

  9. Cori

    Thank you so much for this video!!!! This morning I noticed my 5 month old puppy had cherry eye. I almost panicked, but thankfully I found your video and did everything you explained and within minutes it was gone! Again, thank you soooooo much!

  10. Marylou

    All I can say is thank God I found your video. I have a female longhair mini weenie doggie. She is my buddy. She is getting up in age like me and she got this cherry eye. I thought her eye was going to pop out! I was about ready to call the vet but something made me look on the web because i did not want her to have to go thru surgery. Thanks so much. It keeps popping out but I keep putting it back in. I know it is going to work!.

  11. Pablo

    Thank for the video was on my to the animal hospitalat 1:30 in the morning and decied to look up what my dog had which was cherry eye did like the video amd my dog eye was back to normal thanks again

  12. Matt

    Thank you!! My 3 month old Frenchie developed cherry eye last night. I followed your method and tah-dah!! It popped back into place. I actually called the company that produces Agility. Unfortunately they don’t recommend it for dogs under six months, but I directed the customer service woman to your site. She found it very interesting that you were using Agility and is bringing this information to their product formulators for them to investigate additional benefits of their product. But… more importantly – THANK YOU FOR THIS SOLUTION!


  13. Danielle

    Im so glad I found your video! My 6month old chihuahua puppy developed cherry eye and in researching what I need to do I found your video and was able to massage it back in and she had been fine since!! Such great advice!

  14. Jackie

    Your video is the best thing I’ve discovered on the Internet! I never heard of cherry eyes and I’ve had dogs my whole life, big and small. I recently adopted a new puppy, chihuahua/ shiztsu mix. He developed cherry eye and the vet gave him drops but I saw your video and amazingly, it fixed his eye. Now the other eye is acting up and now I know exactly what t do. Thank you so much!!!!

  15. Jessica

    I about freaked out when my Boston Terrier had this. I was like ughhh we do not need a vet bill. Seen your video, did it, and it’s back in thank goodness!!!

  16. Nick

    Great tip.
    My beagle got cherry eye yesterday after a long walk.
    I thought I was looking at surgery which is both traumatic an expensive for a 5 month old beagle.
    I did as your video showed and it worked just like a magic trick.


  17. jules

    Wow thank You so very much i found this same thing in my 6 month old French bulldogs eye and was so worried, i then found your video and have just done the same thing and amazingly it has gone it may come back but i know what to do now and am not so worried. Buster looks as gawjusss as ever . Thank you again xx

  18. Robina

    Well WOW. in 1 minute it was gone! I wonder what caused it. my other dog found a killed a possum and maybe the little 12 pound poodle got so excited he stressed or something. What causes them?



  20. Martina & Nicelys

    Thank you so much self help dog training!!! We are new proud parents of our 3month Shihpoo puppy “Charlie.” We discovered yesterday that the little one had a red bulge in the corner of his eye. We had no clue what this was. We called Banfield Veterinary who were very unpleasant over the phone & in person. The vet was booked so we had to wait till today to take him in. We then decided to do some research online this morning and came across your video. I watched closely to how you performed the at home remedy & after doing the procedure on my little one, in a matter of minutes the cherry eye was gone. His eye is still a little red so it may come back, but now that I know that this home remedy is an option I’ll know what to do.

    Thank you again from the bottom of my, Nicelys & Charlies hearts :)

  21. Ulrike

    This is great, my beagle’s cherry eye is gone within a minute. It saved a lot of hassle for her (surgery) and saved me a lot of money! Thanks!!

  22. Autumn

    Thanks so much for this…. My sweet Cane Corso woke up this morning with a cherry eye…. Little search and I found this video! It worked the first time!

  23. Art

    I followed the instructions on your video and applied your technique to my dog’s eye, and no-more cherry eye!

  24. Janee

    This video was amazing. I followed the procedure like you showed and my little maltese who was aflicted with cherry eye is all better now! I cant thank you enough . I am one of those people whom cant afford to go to the Vet for the help. So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!!

  25. Eden Hornby

    Thankyou sooooo MUCH!!!,
    i am 14 and interested in studying animals and home remedies are my favourite. I had came home from school this afternoon and found that my 3 year old puppy Merlin had this pink thing in the corner of its eye i immediately freaked out and googled everything i could find and found out about this ‘ Cherry Eye’. i saw this website and watched the video and did what it said to do. My dogs eye is fixed for now and he is looking much happier :)
    Thankyou Soooo MUCH!!!!!!!!
    i thought i was gonna have to spend heaps on surgery.
    thanks again – Eden <3

  26. Ruth

    Hey thank you so much!!!!!!! I was a little nervous, wondering how much pressure to apply to my dog’s eye. It didn’t work at first (I think because I was kind of scared about pressure), then my friend who’s mom is a vet, did it and it worked right away!!! Meanwhile I had phoned the vet, and they booked an appointment for surgery, not even willing to try messaging it for me. Now I’m off to find a good connective tissue supplement (the one recommended does not ship to Canada)! Thanks again!

  27. Teresa

    I found your video this morning. My little chihuahua just arrived in her new home and the owner sent me pics of the process. After all of the great reviews….I am VERY hopeful that the cherry eye can be fixed without surgery and a huge vet bill for my client. I and my client am very grateful to you for taking the time to post this video! God bless you for your kindness and consideration for others! I thought the only avenue was surgery. I am so relieved. I will update you on our progress with this tiny little 2 lb girl!

  28. Betty

    I used your video as a guide and it worked on my 9 week old bulldog. The video was so informative and worked like a charm. Saved her for needless surgery

  29. Anna

    Im so glad i came across this. i was so worried because i might not have been able to afford the surgery. im gonna try this. thanks so much for posting this video.

  30. Dani

    Totally works. I also put a warm cloth over my Boston’s eye and applied pressure and he loved it. Must have felt good. Done it twice now. Crossing my fingers that it will stay in place

  31. Ron

    Really glad you had the video on line. My PeekaPoo developed the Cherry Eye a couple days ago. Took her to the Vet and they recommended using Prednisolone Acetate Ophthalmic Suspension (1 Drop) & Benadryl (1/2 tablet) every 8 Hrs. hoping it’d reduce the swelling. Didn’t seem to be doing much. After watching your video, I gently massaged her eye for about a minute and the Cherry Eye dissappeared. She has been fine since. I really appreciate the video – was looking at surgery – didn’t want to put the pup through that. Thank You So Much

  32. lisa

    thanks so much for the video my british bulldog had a cherry eye took to vet and they fixed 2 hours later it popped again. partner did what you said and yey it went away for 2 days and was back this morn but with doing this again it went away


  33. Debbie

    It works!!! I was a little leary to try this on my 11 week old English bulldog/beagle mix puppy, but I am so glad I did. We just got him yesterday from a breeder and this morning he woke up with it. He has an initial appointment with the vet this morning so I thought I would wait to see what she says. I am SO glad I found this. Not only did his cherry eye go away, but the massage also put him to sleep! Thank you, thank you, Mike!!

  34. colleen

    My 7 yr old beagle (mollyjean ) had cherry eye surgery on her right eye last year! Recently( like within the last three days ) Mollys left eye has been very very bad cherry eye! i love dogs / i love my baby so! N hate to see her in pain or any discomfort at all! I looked thissight up n was afraid at first that i would hurt her, but i have been little by little doing the massage all day with her! Omg i finally got it!!! She was so happy, i cryed !!!! Thank you so so much!!!!!!!

  35. Roy

    My shih tzu developed this cherry eye once before and the vet gave eye drops and the next day it was gone , then yesterday the cherry eye came back. I was horrified as the vet said expensive surgery was the next step if it occured again. The eye had not popped back and I was distressed and not wanting to go to the eye surgery option , I found this video and tried the procedure myself , Instant and succesful.
    Thank you so much , my wife and I were very worried.

    God bless

  36. Sarah

    Thanks so much for this! My beautiful blue eyed chihuahua came back into my room this morning with a very minor case. She must have rubbed it out of place when she was drinking water in the kitchen. I came across your video and managed to rub it back into place after just 15 or so seconds! You have saved me from what could have been a very stressful day, seeing as how no vets are open on Sunday :)

  37. kobe l

    Thank you so so much!!!!
    My 5 months English Bulldog had a cherry eye , after rubbing twice his eye it didnt came back!!!
    thank you again you are a savior,,, wee dont need to spend money now its wonderfulll1!!!!

  38. Rene

    THANK YOU SO MUCH — I was skeptic and scared at first, but this was so simple and easy. ANYBODY READING THIS, YOU CAN DO THIS, dont be afraid to hurt your dog and this WILL WORK. Try this before you take the dog to the Vet.

  39. Manda

    My youngest child (chihuahua), Tucker, just went to the vet for an ear infection. Then of course tonight, the day after, I notice his right has cherry eye. Praying not to go back to the vet, I google searched home remedies and found your site. After watching how easy it was with cutie Dixie, I tried it on Tucker and let me tell you…WOW! It worked!!! I’ve tried to massage his eye before but having the video show the correct direction and technique really helped. Thank you guys so much!!!

  40. Crystal

    Thank you so much!!! My 5 month old english bulldog had a red bulge in his eye and I took him to the vet, he said it was called cherry eye and the only option was surgery and it could possibly come out again. I immediately did research when I noticed it in his other eye a few days later. I watched your video and it worked! No more cherry eye…

  41. Jordon

    Thank you so much for this video… I was stressing w/ $$$ being so tight around the holidays I wouldn’t be able to pay for it. Used your method and on the first time I got it, and my dog is happier than ever.

    You sir, saved me alot of money and I thank you for that!

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